Marketing Automation Profits

Marketing Automation Workflow (24/7 Business Profit System)

How To Automate Your Business For 24-7 Profits.


What Is Covered In This Course?

Marketing Automation Workflow

  • Gain full understanding of what we mean by marketing automation.
  • Explore the different software tools you need to start business automation.
  • Setup an Email Marketing sequence to collect targeted Email Leads
  • How to automate and generate traffic to your landing page to¬†build your business and grow¬†profits
  • How to automate additional sales with OTO's and Upsells




Module 1 Build Automated Workflows With Marketing Automation
Unit 1 Introduction to Marketing Automation Workflow  - Preview
Unit 2 Explore Marketing Automation Concepts and Tools
Unit 3 How To Set Up and Automate Workflows and Campaigns
Unit 4 Plan and Build Your First Full Automated Workflow
Unit 5 Automation and Workflow Quicklinks and Resources.
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