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Profit With Paid Traffic (3 Simple Strategies To Earn Online)

Learn PROVEN techniques to get massive amounts of web visitors, leads and sales in no-time with paid traffic.

Profit With Paid Traffic. profit with paid traffic

Why Should You Take This Class?

Paid traffic has the potential to grow your business in a massive way.  But it's usually one of the last tactics new online marketers use.  Due to the worry of throwing good money after bad. But today you can forget those fears and look forward to a great return on your investment.

Paid traffic is a great solution for new marketers as it can be implemented quickly and usually results, literally, in you seeing a generation of sales overnight. Plus, if we take averages, we know around 60% of people who arrive on your site don't purchase the first time.  But they know of your site and your ranking will bloom due to the additional traffic.

The potential of paid traffic equals booming traffic to site, increased rank and SEPs viability and many, many more sales!

The trouble though, is with so many differnet paid traffic options, it can be difficult to figure out which is the best one for your business.

And, while choosing the right kinds of paid traffic can be massively beneficial.. choosing the wrong kinds can be a massively expensive lesson.

What Will You Learn.

You get 3 in-depth modules for the best profit generation paid traffic strategies.  You also get an action guide for each strategy that provides you a checklist of step by step instructions and resources to get you started fast and make your traffic targeted!

Unit 1: Overview

Introduction and Overview of the Paid Traffic Course.

Unit 2: Facebook Ads

In this unit you'll learn about Facebook Ads.  Topics covered include what types of targeting strategies work best for business.  The best strategy for audience targeting of FB Ads, how to use if/and target technique to pinpoint those who are online and wanting to purchase your product. We give you the pros and the cons, the benefits and pitfalls.  Then we walk you through the whole ad placing process!  By the end of the module you'll have a targeted set of steps and actions to get your ad live and online!

Unit 3: Google Search Ads

This unit talks about Google Search Ads. You'll learn what Google Search Ads are, which each type do and who they are best for.  You'll get the tips and tricks we use everyday and we will walk you through the entire process.  How to set audience targeting, how to set price and duration and how to target keywords so your ad is the generator of clicks and conversions.

Unit 4: Banner Display Ads

Learn how to create professional banner ad graphics (for free) and then how to transfer them to Google for use as Display Listing Ads. Learn how they work, why they work,  and how to get them in front of your ideal audience.  With banner ads we don't tempt people to come to us - we find our target audience and get Google to deliver the graphics directly to them! Time to target!

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Module 1 Profit With Paid Traffic
Unit 1 Introduction To Paid Traffic  - Preview
Unit 2 Unit 2: Paid Traffic - Facebook Ads
Unit 3 Unit 3: Paid Traffic - Google Ads
Unit 4 Unit 4: Paid Traffic - Banner Display Ads
Unit 5 Paid Traffic Quick Links and Resources
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