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Affiliate Marketing Advanced: Sell T-Shirts With Teespring

The advanced strategies that I use to to successfully sell t-shirts using Teespring and Facebook.
John Piteo
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Come up with successful t-shirt niches and design ideas the easy way
Target the specific audiences who are most likely to buy your t-shirts
Drive tons of low-cost traffic to your t-shirt campaigns with Facebook

Take Your Affiliate T-Shirt Marketing Skills to the Next Level

In this course you will learn the intermediate to advanced strategies and tactics that I use to make hundreds of dollars to over $1000 per week selling t-shirts as an affiliate. The course is designed to help you create more winning t-shirt campaigns using Teespring and Facebook.

The training goes deep into the tactics and strategies of what makes a campaign successful. It focuses heavily on those problem areas of choosing winning niches, designs, and Facebook targeting. Many people struggle with finding successful niches and designs. My methods make it easy so you can tip more campaigns.

I have specific methods such as the Piggyback and the Pin methods that help you know in advance if the niche and design idea are both proven winners. My Facebook targeting strategies will help you find the audiences who are most likely to buy your t-shirts.

They will also help you discover hard-to-find audiences that many other t-shirt marketers would likely miss. This will bring you more sales and higher profits. Of course no one can guarantee that you will have successful campaigns, but my methods will increase your chances.

The course is structured as a case study of one of my successful campaigns where I sold over 100 shirts. I feel that case studies are one of the best ways to learn as long as they are detailed and none of the pieces of the puzzle are left out.

I go through my case study in great detail, step by step. I show you exactly what I did right, what I did wrong and my thinking and decision process throughout the campaign. As you follow along little light bulbs should go on in your head as to what you might have done wright and wrong in your campaigns. And you’ll also discover new things to test in your future campaigns.

This course is an intensive, fast paced, online video training program. Just watch me complete each simple task on my computer screen, pause the video, then do it yourself. I purposely kept each video short, most are around 7 minutes. This is so you’ll have an easy reference should you go back and review a specific task. The video lessons are very easy to follow and understand. There is no technical talk.

This is a self-study course that does not include coaching or consulting; however, if you do happen to see something in one of the lessons that you don’t quite understand I would be happy to clarify it for you.

If you already know the basics of t-shirt marketing or you’ve already gone through my affiliate t-shirt course for beginners then this course is perfect for you. You’ll learn my intermediate to advanced strategies that will help you take your skills to the next level. Enroll now before the next price increase.

If you need the beginners course just type my last name (Piteo) into the search box and you’ll find it. 

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Meet the instructor and learn what to expect from this training. Learn the two things that t-shirt marketers struggle with most when trying to run successful Teespring and Facebook campaigns.

Niche & Design Research

The Piggyback Method

If you’ve struggled to find proven niches and proven t-shirt designs this method should make it much easier for you. It should also increase your chances of running successful campaigns. Most people do the Piggyback method wrong. Learn the right way to do the Piggyback method to achieve the best results in this lecture.

The Pin Method

In this lesson I show my methods for finding proven niches, designs and slogans for your shirt campaigns. After going through this lesson you will have several ways to use Pinterest to help you easily find proven campaigns to test. If you struggled to find proven niches and designs in the past this method will make it easy for you.

Update - Niche Research
Case Study of a Successful Campaign

In this lesson I show you one of my successful shirt campaigns and exactly how I came up with the niche idea and slogan for the shirt. After you watch me do it you will be able to easily do it for yourself. Why I focus on smaller Teespring campaigns instead of larger ones. Also watch how if determine if niches and designs are proven winners.

Targeting Research

Start a Targeted Audience Keyword List

After completing this video lesson you will be able to start your targeted audience keyword list. And you will know what type of people would be most likely to by your shirts. Learn why it's important to come up with a targeted audience keyword list before creating your Teespring campaign. Watch how I started my target audience research for the case study campaign.

How to Target the Most Enthusiastic People - Part 1

In this lecture you'll watch me as I continue to do my target audience research exactly as I did it for the case study campaign step by step. Learn why I choose to target the most enthusiastic people in my niche and how I find them. Also learn why I segment my targeted groups.

How to Target the Most Enthusiastic People - Part 2

In this lecture I show you how I use certain keyword modifiers to find even more highly enthusiastic people to target. This also helps me find lots of highly targeted people that many other people miss. Also learn how I do the audience keyword research once then use the results for lots of different campaigns. Learn speciffcially what to look for while doing your target research.

Design & Teespring Campaign Setup

T-Shirt Design

In this video you'll learn 3 ways to come with t-shirt designs to use for your campaigns. Watch me create a t-shirt design from scratch using the online Teespring designer tool. Also learn how to use Teespring's art image tool.

Setup Teepsring Campaign for Case Study T-Shirt

In this lecture you'll learn how to apply an external design to a t-shirt as you watch me upload the design that I'm using in the case study campaign. I also go through the each step of setting up the case study campaign in Teespring. Watch me also create the landing page copy and launch the campaign.

Page Post Ads Setup

Creating Your Page Post Ad

In this video you learn about the different types of page post ads and watch me place an ad for the case study shirt on my fan page. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of the link post ads verses the image ads. Also learn which types get the best conversions.

Make Ads in Photoshop

In this lecture you learn how I made the ad for the case study shirt in Photoshop. If you don't use Photoshop watch the next lecture to learn how to create ads in PowerPoint. It's easy!

Make Ads in PowerPoint

In this lecture you'll learn how to create image ads in PowerPoint even if you've never use PowerPoint before. Watch me as I go step by step through the process. You'll even learn how to remove the background right in PowerPoint.

Facebook Ads

Important Update: Facebook Policies
Facebook Ads Setup

Watch how I set up my Facebook ads for the case study shirt step by step. Learn which campaign objective produces the best results for me when I start new campaigns. See why I segment my interests into separate ad groups. Also learn how this ad setup gets me low cost clicks. Watch how I set my budget specifically for the start of the case study campaign.

Campaign Results Part 1: The First 24 Hours

Learn from the results of my case study campaign during the first 24 hours. You'll see my campaign in Facebook along with all of the statistics. See if I turn your ads off at night or let them run. Watch as the ad costs for my case study campaign get lower and lower.

Campaign Results Part 2: Lots of Free Viral Traffic!

In this lecture we go over more results from the next couple of days of the campaign. Also learn what I look for in the beginning stages of my campaigns. See the type of engagement that I'm getting from this campaign and how it influenced my decisions. Also see how I got over 60,000 targeted visitors to my ad for free.

Campaign Results Part 3: See what I should have done

In this lecture you'll see more results through the end of the campaign. As we go over my stats you'll learn what I did right, what I did wrong and what I should have done. This is powerful information that should help you make the right decisions when running your own Facebook ad campaigns.

You'll also be able to avoid the mistakes that I made in this campaign. We'll also go over my analytic and see which days of the week produced the best results and which shirt colors and styles were most popular.

Analyzing Results with Facebook Reports

Learn how I customize Facebook reports for t-shirt campaigns and use them to make very important decisions such as scaling it up, letting it ride or killing the campaign. If you use these reports wrong you just be wasting your time and possibly your money. You'll also learn how not to waste money on certain demographics and interest groups.

Set up Your Retargeting Audience

In this lecture you’ll learn why you should use retargeting and after watching you will be able to set your retargeting pixel and also set up your retargeting audiences.

Set up Your Retargeting Campaign

In this lecture you'll learn about the retargeting ad and how you can create it in Photoshop and PowerPoint. You'll also see how I set up my retargeting ad for the case study, ran the campaign and the results it produced.

Lecture 21 Update - Set up Your Retargeting Campaign

Bonus - Awesome T-Shirt Resources

Motivation & Inspiration

If you are struggling to make your campaigns profitable or just want some motivation then this lecture is for you.

List of Career Occupations

In this lecture you'll discover a powerful tool that I use to find tons of careers and professions that most people miss. This can keep you busy with niche and t-shirt design ideas for a long time to come.


Closing Thoughts

Final thoughts and some words of motivation. In this lecture you'll also find the link to my Affiliate T-Shirt Beginners course in case you need it.

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Affiliate Marketing Advanced: Sell T-Shirts With Teespring
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