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Social Media Marketing – Content Marketing Masterclass 2021

Online Digital Marketing / Social Media Strategy For Beginners - Posts / Blogs / Podcasts / Video / Google Local SEO
Mark Timberlake
34 students enrolled
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You Will Understand How To Set Up A Simple Yet Powerful Marketing Strategy For Your Business Online
Understand How Social Media Marketing Really Works For Your Business
Build A Social Media Schedule And Plan So That You Carry Your Marketing Through To Its Desired Objective
Understand The Social Media Platforms And How They Can Be Used
Write Blogs And Articles That Get Viewers To Take Action
Demonstrate That You Understand How Email Marketing Works
Master The Basics Of Search Engine Optimisation
Create A YouTube Marketing Channel And Learn How To Produce Film And Edit Marketing Videos
Create A Professional Social Media Profile Image Using Just A Smartphone
Understand How To Get Your Local And International Business Pages Found In Google Local Search And Google Search Using Powerful SEO Techniques
Show A Knowledge Of The Buyer Journey And How To Use It To Get Sales In Your Business
Master The Art Of Posting On Social Media Platforms
Source And Store Social Media Posting Ideas So That You Always Have Something To Share
Create A Social Media Marketing Post To A High Standard That Gets Engagement
Understand The Power Of Social Media Communities And How Powerful They Can Be For Brand Building

Social Media Marketing & Online Digital Marketing Strategy 2020 For Beginners

This course teaches you how to market your business for free, using Social Media Marketing and not paid advertising.

*You Also Get Free Access To A Private But Very Popular Support Group!

All the content in this course is fully up to date for 2020 and with this course, you will get free access to a Private Social Media Marketing group on Facebook where you can get help and advice and all the latest news and tips as they happen!

The Science Of Social Media Marketing

  1. Do you want to understand the science and art of using Social Media Marketing to drive traffic to your website for free?

  2. Do you get frustrated with all the confusing advice on the internet and how everyone insists you need to waste money on Social Media Advertising when you want to learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest to get traffic to your website and to get sales?

  3. Do you want to learn tried and tested methods and the best practices for Social Media Marketing?

  4. Do you want to learn how to make all types of marketing skills, like creating blog posts, creating social posts, how to produce audio content and video content?

Then this course is for you!

Student Bonus:

This course comes with FREE ACCESS to a Private Facebook Community where we share up to date information and tips for your social media marketing and where you can get support and advice!

Master Social Media Marketing And Online Digital Marketing

In this course you will learn how to master Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Local SEO, SEO, YouTube Marketing, Video Production, Vlogging and Instagram Photography, we will also show you how to take a profile image with just an iPhone or Smartphone for your social media profile!

Everything you need to create a powerful online marketing presence…

You will learn what works and what does not work with online digital marketing and where to spend your time and effort.

You will understand the psychology of the buyer journey and how you can map that to your social media marketing, content creation and sales process.

You will also learn how to drive traffic to your website using Social Media Marketing and how to create content that will bring people to your site.

This course does NOT cover paid advertising or podcasting.

 Topics Covered In This Course:

Module 1 – Understanding Social Media Marketing

  • The Social Media Marketing Monster

  • Free vs Paid Traffic

  • What Is Marketing

  • What is Media

  • What is Social

  • Local vs International Social Media Marketing

Module 2 – Marketing As A Business Priority

  • Marketing As A Business Priority

  • The Marketing Company

  • Feast And Famine

  • Continuous Marketing

  • The 80/20 Principle

  • Sales And Marketing

Module 3 – Understanding The Buyer Journey

  • Meet Bob

  • The Seven Steps To Marriage

  • The Buyer Journey – AIDA

  • Attention Content

  • Interest Content

  • Desire Content

  • Action Content

Module 4 – Bob’s World View Marketing

  • Understanding World Views

  • Understanding Bob

  • Confirming A World View

  • The Family Kettle

  • Bob’s World View Activities

Module 5 – Social Media Marketing And Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

  • The Truth About Social Signals

  • The Problem With New Websites

  • The Snowball Effect

  • The Great Deception

  • Your Website As Your Data Center

Module 6 – Social Media Marketing Platforms

  • Finding Bob

  • What Platform Should I Use?

  • Business Or Personal Branding?

  • Branding Tips

  • Creating Your Biography

  • Housekeeping

Module 7 – Posting On Social Media Platforms

  • The Golden Rules

  • Curation Vs Creation

  • What Types Of Content Should I Create?

  • Written Content

  • Photography Content

  • Infographics Content

  • Video Content

  • Podcast Content

  • Automation

Module 8 – Social Media Posting Ideas

  • Where Do I Get Posting Ideas From?

  • Stupid Questions

  • Conversations

  • Stories – The Power Of Narrative

  • Industry News

  • Content Capture Systems

  • Respecting Your Audience

Module 9 – Creating A Social Media Post

  • Take Them To The Movies

  • Headlines

  • Body Text

  • Using Images

  • Video Posts

  • Quizzes And Polls

  • Links

  • Hashtags

Module 10 – Community Based Marketing

  • The Best Kept Secret In Social Media Marketing

  • Choosing A Niche

  • Choosing A Platform

  • Gate Keepers

  • Community Rules

  • Shared Ownership

  • Structuring Your Community

  • Visiting Other Communities

Module 11 – Building A Social Media Marketing Plan

  • Why You Need A Plan

  • Your Social Media Schedule

  • Your Content Calendar

  • Realistic Time Frames

  • Responsibilities And Roles

  • SMART Goals For Your Marketing

  • Marketing Mission Statements

Module 12 – Social Media Marketing Case Studies

  • Marketing Mistakes

  • Twitter Case Studies

  • Facebook Case Studies

  • LinkedIn Case Studies

  • YouTube Case Studies

  • Pinterest Case Studies

  • Instagram Case Studies

Module 13 – Creating Social Media Images With Adobe Spark 

  • Introduction To Adobe Spark Tools

  • Creating A Post

  • Creating A Post On A Mobile

  • Adobe Spark Activities To Complete

Module 14 – Creating Your Social Media Profile Image

  • Introduction

  • Equipment Needed

  • Understanding Your Camera

Module 15 – Lighting Your Subject

  • Offset Lighting Setup For Portraits

  • Front Lit Lighting For Portraits

  • Setting The Exposure

  • Posing The Face

Module 16 – Editing Your Images With Snapseed On An iPhone Or Smartphone

  • Editing A Male Portrait

  • Finishing A Male Portrait

  • Editing A Female Portrait

Module 17 – Blogging For Business – Copywriting For Blogs And Articles

  • Identifying Your Niche Audience

  • Finding Your Style As A Writer

  • Preparation – Tracking Ideas For Your Blogs And Articles

  • Page Setup And Formatting

  • Links And Actions

  • Additional Content On The Page

Module 18 – Blogging – Writing Your Copy

  • AIDA Copywriting

  • Attention

  • Interest

  • Desire

  • Action

  • Additional Thoughts

Module 19 – Email Marketing – Building Your Email List

  • Email Marketing – Grasping The Concept

  • Email Marketing Software – Choosing Your Provider

  • Building Your Email List

  • Different Ways To Get An Email Sign Up

  • Asking For The Email

  • The Magic Of PDF’s

Module 20 – Using Your Email List

  • An Email List Is For Selling Stuff Right?

  • Email Marketing Styles

Module 21 – Email Copywriting

  • Email Writing Styles

  • Email Copywriting Using AIDA

  • Email Spam Traps And Pitfalls

Module 22 – Email Analytics – Automation – Maintenance

  • Email Analytics – What To Measure

  • Email Automation – Understanding Its Usage

  • Using Surveys

Module 23 – SEO And Local SEO – A Guide To Ranking Your Business In Google Search

  • Introduction To Local SEO

  • Google Search – Understanding How Local Search Works

Module 24 – Google Search And Your Position In Local Search

  • Local SEO Ranking Factors

  • Your Local Ranking Factors – How They Impact Local Search

  • Domain Authority And Page Authority

  • Trust Flow

  • Check Your Local SEO Ranking Scores

  • Google Local Search

Module 25 – Google My Business – A Strong Local SEO Ranking Factor

  • Google My Business

  • Cleaning Up Old Google Listings

  • Managing Your Google My Business Page

  • Creating A Google Review Strategy

  • Google My Business – Support Community

Module 26 – Building Up Reviews – Including Google Local Reviews

  • Citations Setting Up A NAP Page

  • Managing Your Citations

Module 27 – Backlinks – Understand How They Improve SEO

  • Back Linking – An Introduction

  • Checking The Quality Of Your Back Links

  • Building Back Links

  • Social Media Business Pages As Back Links

Module 28 – On Site SEO – Improving Your Sites SEO

  • Content Marketing As Part Of Your SEO

  • Creating Your Content

Module 29 – Keyword Optimisation For Powerful SEO

  • Understanding Keywords

  • Keyword Strategies

  • Inserting Your Keywords On Your Website

Module 30 – Local Business Online Marketing

  • Marketing A Local Business

  • Adwords – An Introduction

  • Setting Up A Local SEO Agency

Module 31 – YouTube Channel Setup And SEO

  • Building Your YouTube Landing Page

  • YouTube SEO – The Importance Of Titles

  • YouTube SEO – The importance Of Your Descriptions

  • YouTube SEO – The importance Of Tags

  • YouTube Annotations

  • YouTube Analytics

  • Publishing And Sharing Your Videos

Module 32 – YouTube Video Launch Strategy

  • The Real Secret To A Successful YouTube Video Launch

  • Eyes On The Prize

Module 33 – Mastering Audio Production For Video And Podcasting

  • Introduction To Mastering Audio Production

  • Technical Challenges You Will Face

  • Choosing Your Microphone

  • Positioning Your Microphone

  • Reducing Echo

  • Reducing Background Noise

  • The Perfect Studio

Module 34 – Mastering Video Lighting And Subject Composition

  • Introduction To Mastering Video Lighting

  • Camera Choices

  • Lighting Choices

  • Composition And Presentation

  • Webcam And Smartphone Setup

  • 3 Light Setup For DSLRs And Camcorders

  • 5 Light Setup For DSLRs And Camcorders

  • Teleprompter And Reference Monitor

  • Setting An Exposure

Module 35 – Green Screen Video Production

  • Introduction To Green Screen Video Production

  • Chroma Keying

  • Lighting A Backdrop

  • XSplit Broadcaster – An Introduction

  • XSplit Settings

  • Building A Presentation

  • Screen Capture

Module 36 – On Camera Presence – Getting Comfortable In Front Of A Camera

  • Introduction To On Camera Presence

  • Why You Need A Studio

  • Communicating With Warmth

  • Talking To Bob

  • Finding Your Natural Self

  • Practice Makes Perfect

  • Take 2

  • Additional Tips

Module 37 – Writing A Promotional Script For Your Video

  • Introduction To Writing A Promotional Script

  • Meet Bob

  • AIDA Psychology

  • Attention

  • Interest

  • Desire

  • Action

Module 38 – Video And Audio Editing Using Adobe Premiere Pro And Adobe Audition

  • Introduction To Editing

  • Setting Up Your Folder Structure

  • Color Grading Your Video

  • Audio Correction Techniques

  • Cutting Options – Video Editing

  • Breath And Click Removal

  • Advance Audio Cleaning

  • Adding Music To Your Video

  • Exporting Your Video

Module 39 – Vlogging Style Video Production

  • What Is Vlogging

  • Vlogging Equipment – Budget Or 4k? 

  • Vlogging Equipment – Budget Recommendations 

  • Vlogging Equipment – Choosing Your 4k Camera 

  • Vlogging Equipment – Choosing Your Microphones

  • Vlogging Equipment – Tripods And Accessories

  • Filming Techniques 

  • Editing A Vlog

  • Activities For The Vlogging Section

Module 40 – Understanding Instagram

  • Growing Your Audience

  • Hash Tagging Tools

  • Better Pictures With Your Phone

  • Basic Composition – The Rule Of Thirds

  • Understanding Light

  • Controlling Your Background

  • Editing Your Images With Snapseed

  • Understand Instagram – Activities To Complete

Module 41 – Quora Marketing

  • What Is Quora?

  • Setting Up Your Quora Profile

  • Finding Quora Questions To Answer

  • Writing A Quora Answer

  • Quora Growth Tips

  • Quora – Activities To Complete

Module 42 – Pinterest Marketing

  • What Is Pinterest?

  • Pinterest Business Profiles

  • Creating A Pinterest Board

  • Creating A Pinterest Pin

  • Rich Pins And Buyable Pins

  • Pinterest Growth Strategies

  • Pinterest Board Strategy Examples

  • Pinterest Tools

  • Pinterest Activities To Complete

Module 43 – Introduction To Podcasting

  • What Is Podcasting

  • Getting Started With Podcasting

  • Podcasting Equipment

  • Designing Your Podcast

  • Podcast Recording Tips

  • Finding Guests For Your Show

  • Editing Your Podcast With Adobe Audition

  • Marketing Your Podcast

  • Podcasting Activities To Complete

Join Us

So join us on the other side and learn how to master the science and art of Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing!

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Productivity Hacks to Get More Done in 2018

— 28 February 2017

  1. Facebook News Feed Eradicator (free chrome extension) Stay focused by removing your Facebook newsfeed and replacing it with an inspirational quote. Disable the tool anytime you want to see what friends are up to!
  2. Hide My Inbox (free chrome extension for Gmail) Stay focused by hiding your inbox. Click "show your inbox" at a scheduled time and batch processs everything one go.
  3. Habitica (free mobile + web app) Gamify your to do list. Treat your life like a game and earn gold goins for getting stuff done!

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